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Restoration of Stationmaster's House


CCC is currently working on the first in a series of local historic preservation projects. This project involves the restoration of the historic three room house that was constructed in 1853 by the Rome Railroad right next to the railroad “WYE” to serve as the Stationmaster’s House. In 1864, this building, along with others in the area, was used by General Sherman to plan and launch the historic March to the Sea. According to local families that have been in the area for over 200 years, Sherman used the Stationmaster’s House as an office, used the telegraph, and signed orders there.

Largely because of the east-west, north-south railway connections that had been completed in 1849, Kingston became a hospital and supply center during the Civil War. General William T. Sherman marched into Kingston on May 19, 1864, with two of his three armies expecting to fight the Confederates. Over the next several months, Union and Confederate cavalry met eight times in the area. Eventually, Sherman headquartered in Kingston.  It was here that he solidified his plan to "March to the Sea."  Sherman requested permission to execute the plan and at Kingston, on November 2, 1864, he received permission from Gen. Ulysses S. Grant to begin his march "to make Georgia howl.”


The local economy will benefit greatly by making Kingston a destination for Civil War buffs, train enthusiasts, and children who are learning about our nation’s history. The project has the full support of local historians and the city leaders. In the restoration process, jobs will be created for local contractors, and longer term positions will be produced to staff and maintain the museums and exhibits. Subsequent planned projects include the renovation of the DeSoto Hotel (already listed in the National Registry of Historic Places) and the creation of a railroad museum.


CCC views this project as the essential first step in the revitalization of the historic Kingston area.