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Kingston, Georgia...

...a small city with a big history

Community Catalyst Corporation (CCC) is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization that implements programs and projects that accelerate positive changes in the community of Kingston, Georgia and the surrounding area.

We have been working on a number of projects and events to bring Kingston back to its former glory and to help the local economy.  CCC projects have included the GED program, Meals On Wheels, the Spring Fling Crafts and Yard Sale, and the Fall Clothing and Food Drive.  Serving as a catalyst, CCC establishes a program and, after it gains momentum, the program is transferred to a larger organization that has the ability to continue to grow and support the program.  This approach allows us to move on to another project.

Our latest endeavor is the revitalization of the historic downtown Kingston area, including the restoration of the Stationmaster's House, built by the Rome Railroad in 1853-54.  This home was used as an office by the Union Army.  In 1864, General W. T. Sherman issued the orders for the March to the Sea from this site.  We are working to procure grants for the restoration.  If you would like to know more or would like to help with this project in any way, please contact us.

Participation is the key to our success.  If you would like to volunteer we would love to have you.   Please send us your ideas about how Kingston could be a better place to live and visit. 

Our contact information can be found in the Contact Us Page.